Veteran Horse or Pony Nov or Elem July 2024

Veteran Horse or Pony
Online Dressage Novice or Elem Section

For Horses & Ponies aged 15 or over

This will be judged as part of a Class that includes levels from Walk to Elementary

The section will be judged separately if there are 8 or more entries in this section and a total of 15 entries across all sections in the class. 

 BD Novice 27 or DA Nov 2 
BD Elementary 42 or DA Elem 2

Remember to follow the filming tips.

Keep the phone in landscape

Introduce your test or ask your filmer to do this for you

Tell us your name, horses name, the month, year and Test being ridden.

Don’t forget your gloves, you don’t want to lose points before your start.

Looking forward to seeing all your amazing entries.

Smile & have Fun 

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