BRITISH DRESSAGE APPROVED ONLINE PROVIDER! Dressage Revolution Join the Online Dressage Revolution & D-stressage - Welcome to our family of Dressage Addicts, where you’ll find one test leads to another. Smart Results Ensuring you receive your BD listed Judge’s Feedback, scores & placings all on Results Day. D-Stressage Enjoy your horse, no pressure, no travel, no warm-up ring traumas. Simply, train, film, relax & repeat. Friendly Community Compete from the comfort of home with like-minded riders from all over the UK & Europe. Level Playing Field Levels that truly reflect the experience and capability of the Horse & Rider combination. That's our Level Playing Field Promise to you. Rider Rewards Our Smart points ensure you are rewarded for your efforts with Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Awards. Plus, our special Tiny Tots awards.

Compete from Home . Be part of our amazing Friendly, Inclusive & Supportive Community of Riders.

What’s on March 2024

Online Dressage Entries Close on 28th March Upload videos by 5pm on 29th March SMART Results Day 1st April

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Boys Ride Too League

Online Dressage

Join The Online Dressage Revolution. Simply Enter, Film, Upload & Relax.

Join The Online Dressage Revolution and compete from home with a British Dressage approved provider.
Be part of our amazing friendly, inclusive & supportive community of riders.
Friendly constructive feedback from our panel of BD Listed Judges.
Smart Results giving you instant access to your scoresheet on Results Day.
Rider Rewards Loyalty scheme - Earn Free Entries
Placings 1st to 8th in each class with gorgeous rosettes and amazing equestrian prizes.
Classes include: Juniors, Boys Ride Too, Any Tack, In-hand, Walk, Cobs Can Dance, Freestyle to Music, Affiliated,
Be inspired and D-stressage with us.

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