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About us

Dressage Addict aims to take the stress out of training and competing in Dressage by providing online dressage competitions for all riders.

Having discovered online dressage, we felt we wanted to create our own supportive community, enabling you to nurture your partnership with your horse, enjoy the process and progress at a pace that is right for you in online dressage competitions.

As a Mum of 3 girls, life is busy, work, home, children and horses are a crazy combination.  Time is definitely a limited commodity.  Competing from home with Dressage Addict gives you some of that precious time back, you’re still doing what you love but without having to find a whole day to do it.

By training and competing in online dressage competitions from home with us – you give yourself time to build confidence, focus and take away the stress and pressure. Allowing you to remember what made you fall in love with horses and riding in the first place.   Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your horse and your journey.

We truly want you to D-stressage and join our lovely family of Dressage Addicts.

So what makes us different from other Online Dressage providers I hear you ask?

Our user friendly website, our great Rider Dashboards, our Smart Results system where all the information you need is easy to find and gives you a personalised record of your journey with us.

Our Promises:

A Level Playing Field –  no more competing against that lovely horse and rider combination that were at Medium level got injured and are now in your Intro class! Possibly leaving you feeling a little deflated and like you will never get your chance.  Our Rehab league provides an avenue for those who want to compete but can’t do so at the level they used to due to injury of horse or age.  For our British Dressage riders – we have the elite level within our D-stressage League. 

Results Day Guarantee – All results published to Rider accounts simultaneously, not just your score and placing but your scoresheet and the all important invaluable listed British Dressage judge’s feedback. No more waiting all day for the results and then weeks for that scoresheet to arrive – get working immediately on those Judge’s comments and make the most of your valuable riding time, ready for your next entry.

Rider Rewards – Our smart points system ensures you are rewarded for your efforts with our Rider Rewards, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum & our special Tiny Tots awards.  Each time you achieve an award you are rewarded with a free entry.

And it goes without saying we provide amazing equestrian prizes for all Class winners and rosettes to 8th place.

Our Monthly Highest Score Awards are provided free of charge, with different categories being chosen at regular intervals.  As well as our Most Improved Rider Reward for Juniors and Seniors each year.  

A few questions to consider????

Do you freak when you see the white boards?

Can you ride a lovely  dressage test whilst at home but by the time you get to the venue you are tense, tired and stressed?

Do you want to have the benefit of competing both from home and out and about, and take advantage of the constructive British Dressage listed judge’s feedback to help you prepare for that important event and enjoy the support, training tips and blog along the way?

Do you feel that it’s a huge effort, bathing, grooming, plaiting, loading, travelling, for what is possibly a 5-minute dressage test?

Does your horse hate to load or travel?

Do you have children that compete as well or would like to, but the mammoth task of doing all of the above twice or three times over is overwhelming?

Have you lost your confidence, or has your horse been injured and you would like to dip your toe back in the water from the comfort of home?

Then join us in the Online Dressage Revolution and D-stressage with us by taking part in our online dressage competitions. Dressage classes from Intro to Medium with automatic entry to the Dressage Leagues. 

We would love to welcome you to our family of Dressage Addicts, where we think you’ll find one dressage test leads to another.

We look forward to following your journey.   I hope that as a rider who has discovered a passion for Dressage later in life and at the same time the joy of a quirky horse, that hates to load, I can share our dressage journey with you too.  Follow our journey on the Blog page as we aspire to be a dressage diva with a quirky horse who isn’t quite so keen!

Best Wishes

Dressage Addict