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Filming Tips

Our Top Tips for Filming Your Entry

Film like a Pro

  • Book your school slot.
  • Mark out your arena accurately either 20m x 40m or 20m x 60m depending on which test you are doing.
  • Check all markers are present and visible
  • Find a willing volunteer to film – bribery may work – chocolate, coffee, mucking out or poo picking in return!!
  • Make sure the phone is on silent, so there are no annoying phone call or message pings during the video. Popping it in airplane mode helps with this.
  • Make sure the phone is charged up.
  • Position your camera person so they are standng behind C– it might be helpful to walk or trot through the test movements before filming so your willing volunteer can practice when to zoom in. Especially if they are a first-time camera person or they have no idea about Stressage!
  • Ensure the phone is held in landscape ask them to zoom in when you are at the A end of the school – the aim is to keep horse and rider in the centre of the screen. If you are not on the video the judge will not be able to mark you for that part of the test.
  • Check sound is on for the filming – remember if there is no sound on the video – the test will be marked, but you will not be awarded a placing, league or Smart-points.
  • Make sure you have allowed plenty of time to warm up, so you and your horse are as relaxed as possible and ready to show us your moves during filming.
  • If you choose to ride in show dress remember to put boots or bandages on your horse/pony.
  • Start the recording at least 5 seconds before horse and rider enter the arena at A.
  • Doing the verbal introduction prior to this will ensure you have allowed adequate time.
  • Remember either the camera person or Rider must state verbally – Rider’s Name, Horse’s Name, Month & year and Class. You don’t want penalty marks before you start!
  • A piece of paper with the introduction on helps for those of us who can be a little forgetful!
  • At the end of the test continue to film until after the halt and salute for at least 5 seconds.
  • No edits or cuts to the video are allowed.
  • If you make a mistake, your horse has a spook, it isn’t quite as good as you would like, our advice at Dressage Addict is to try and just take one video – the temptation is to keep trying which may lead to a tired or bored horse and a stressed/ tense rider. Ultimately it is up to you how many times you film but remember there is no such thing as the perfect test unless you happen to be Carl Hester or Charlotte Dujardin. If you are competing live you only get one chance so our advice is go with the first one if you can.

Remember this is the about having fun and enjoying your horse or pony, smile, relax and D-stressage with us.