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Our British Dressage Judges

We are Delighted to have a team of amazing BD Listed Judges.
Jane Peberdy BD List 1
Jenny Johnson BD List 5
 Brenda Pamplin BD List 5
Jo Stannard BD List 6,
Leanne Jackson BD List 6
Tina Kazmi BD List 5 

Jane Peberdy: List 1 British Dressage Judge


International Para Judge, List 1 National British Dressage Judge and UKCC Level 3 Coach.

Jane has competed in all disciplines over the years but now only rides for pleasure.

Jane is passionate about training and education, providing training for a variety of riders from Novice to Advanced level. Jane is the deputy director of the British Dressage Judges’ Committee as well as being a Tutor Judge, Judge Educator, and examiner for British Dressage.   Jane has officiated at Regional and National Championships both at home and abroad for many years and enjoys supporting and mentoring other judges.

We are absolutely delighted to have Jane on the Dressage Addict Team and know that she will be an invaluable source of expertise for the team and our online dressage riders taking part in our online dressage competitions.  Whilst supporting our ethos of nurturing our Riders on their Dressage journey.






Jenny is a British Dressage List 5 judge and currently in the process of upgrading to List 4.

Jenny’s love of horses stemmed from toddler age. As riding lessons were not affordable, she spent my time observing everyone else. At 16years old Jenny helped out at the local riding school in return for lessons. Here Jenny quickly progressed to exercising the hunters. Jenny went onto to train at York for school teaching and ran the college riding club.

Jenny purchased her first horse  when she was 21 — Jenny describes him as being  brave across cross-country and he excelled in working hunter classes. Jenny has kept her 3 horses  throughout their whole lives, her son’s pony became a dressage project and they competed locally up to medium level, her thoroughbred mare was a keen learner and they competed up to PSG.  Their strength was freestyle. Jenny retired her at 18 years due to a hock injury from the field. Jenny was then lucky enough to be given numerous horses to school at the yard where she was kept.

Jenny has been judging for 16 years.  Jenny has spent time riding school masters to give her a better understanding of all the GP movements. Jenny believes that we never stop learning, that there is always something new and useful to learn that will help her judge better.  Jenny is currently  in the process of upgrading to next level.

Jenny loves judging especially online as she can give time to ensure that feedback is really useful. Jenny wishes it had been around when she was competing. Especially as it always felt like her purse dished out fresh air and dust when it came to organising transport to competitions and her mare always was more comfortable working and competing on home ground. Jenny believes that Online dressage is a fantastic development for all dressage competitors and we are excited and delighted to welcome her to our team. We have heard great things about Jenny’s constructive informative feedback and know her experience and insight will be really appreciated by our riders.

BRENDA PAMPLIN  List 5 British Dressage Judge

We are delighted to welcome Brenda to our Judge Team.

Brenda is a List 5 Judge and Judges Representative for BD North and West.

She has competed on three different horses at our BD home international competitions proudly wearing the England flag.  Brenda comes from a non horsey family but now have a daughter who has competed in dressage and veteran showing and a granddaughter who is 8 and is passionate about her dressage and last year was Bluechip Intro National Champion!

Life is hectic with judging, training little one and her two ponies and her mum, supporting fellow judges in the Region, oh and mucking out and yard duty at home.

Brenda has competed to British Dressage Advanced Medium, was successful in Freestyle dressage to Championship level, but is currently without a competition horse. Her weakness is ginger boys with white on their face. Brenda believes that through correct training and education of both horse and rider, whatever their chosen discipline, they will enjoy their sport and all it brings.  We are sure Brenda will bring great insight, wisdom and constructive nurturing feedback for all our riders.  Brenda always takes the time to give our online dressage riders constructive feedback, with dressage training tips and advice to help you get the best from your horse and improve  those online dressage scores with Dressage Addict.

Leanne Jackson: List 6 British Dressage Judge & BHSAI

Leanne has worked for several Internationally based riders and now competes in her own right up in British Dressage up to Prix St George Level from her base at Eastwell Equestrian near Peterborough .  Take a peek at her website:

A qualified BHSAI instructor and listed British Dressage Judge Leanne loves teaching every level of rider. She believes you should enjoy your horse and be happy at whatever stage you are at.  Leanne is an amazing trainer who can adapt to horse and riders needs, she has an innate ability to pick up the subtle things that make the big difference and she never gives up.  Her commitment, support and belief in the riders and horses she trains is outstanding.  Leanne is tenacious and a real confidence giver who always has your goals, no matter what level you are, at the heart of what she does. Leanne is a trainer who always goes that extra mile.

Having Leanne on our team of Judges is a real asset, and we know you will find her feedback and  training tips invaluable to support you in our online dressage competitions and help you progress through the online dressage levels .

Jo Stannard: List 6 British Dressage Judge

Jo has been riding since she was three, spending many happy school holidays at a family owned riding school.  From the age of 16 Jo was lucky enough to be given the ride on an event horse, and started doing some teaching at the local riding school.

At 25, Jo bought her first horse who was an ex-racehorse.  After six years of blood, sweat and tears, they were competing  affiliated BD at Elementary level.  From here Jo bought and imported a yearling from Christian Heinrich in Germany, and backed him herself .  They successfully competed in the British Dressage Petplan Novice finals at Hartpury when he was five. Unfortunately as they were just starting elementary classes, an accident in the stable ended his career early.  Luck didn’t improve with the next horse who despite great breeding had hidden issues and therefore was never able to compete.  Jo now has a new partner and is aiming to get back out competing in affiliated British Dressage this year. Jo enjoys teaching and judging and has a Facebook page – Fluent Dressage where she post blogs twice a week.

Take a peek:

Jo has enjoyed the privilege of  training with two Olympic judges and two list 1 judges during her riding career and riding Dressage up to Prix St Georges level.

We are excited to have Jo on the Dressage Addict team, with her insight and understanding of the challenges of training horses and riders, and experience as a BD listed judge.   Jo truly believes in supporting riders to build confidence and nurture their partnership with their horse.  Her feedback for our online dressage riders competing in our online dressage competitions will be invaluable.


Tina is a British Dressage List 5 judge and currently in the process of upgrading to List 4. In regards to BD this means Tina can judge up to and including Novice level, straight classes and dressage to music. However, at unaffiliated level she has judged up to Medium as this is the level she personally competes at.
Tina has 5 horses in total, although 3 of these are only youngsters. Her best friend is my ID x TB whom she’s owned since he was 4yrs old and has loved producing him over the years. They have competed in ODE/ 2DE/ fun rides/ showjumping and then more recently focused on dressage due to a bad riding accident. They have represented Solihull Riding Club at Area 5 competitions and have attended several national championships. They are now affiliated and compete up to Medium in both straight classes and music. Tina joined BD purposely as she wanted to ‘dance’ with her horses and has qualified previously for Area Festivals, Championships and Nationals. Her warmblood mare has proven to be more of a challenge and they still compete unaffiliated with the hope to affiliate this year. Then Tina will be busy backing her 3yr old warmblood, followed by her two little gypsy cobs.
Tina keeps busy running a small livery yard, judging, coaching and running clinics.  Tina also runs a pet sitting/ boarding service as well as being a part time lecturer in mental health. Tina also helps her partner run the family farm when its high season.
Tina can also be often seen dressage writing or dressage scoring and helping at ODE’s. As well as being the volunteer Team Manager for Solihull Riding Club Area 5 Senior Dressage.
Tina has been privileged to regularly train with Sir Lee Pearson, and locally with Jane Richmond. Lee has pushed Tina’s boundaries and she feels she’s achieved more under his guidance and support than she ever thought possible. Tina would be the first to disagree with people when they say disabled riders cant tell able bodied riders how to ride – they should watch Sir Lee Pearson training his mare at PSG level!
Tina classes herself as a ‘plus size rider’ who doesn’t conform to the typical ‘dressage rider’ image most fear, so she likes to think she is a good advocate.  Tina’s philosophy is that as long as you are able to present your horse to the judge in the best possible way you can, size should not be a barrier to doing dressage.
We are delighted to have Tina join the team with her passion and experience and insight that so many of us are striving for.