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Loyalty Scheme

Rider Rewards


  • Welcome to our Loyalty Scheme Rider  Rewards based on your SMART points
  • Our smart points system ensures you are rewarded for your efforts with our Rider Rewards starting at Bronze, and going all the way to Platinum Plus for each rider.
  • Each time you achieve an award you are rewarded with a free entry. As well as a special rosette. If you achieve the Platinum Plus award you will also receive a special treat for your horse or pony. It’s our way of saying thank you.

How it Works

  • You are automatically allocated points for each Main Class you enter based on the score you achieve.Once you reach the required number of points for your Rider’s Reward you will receive a notification.  (SMART Points are not awarded for our add on classes eg: Rider Rewards Highest Score classes and Teams events.
  • Step 1: Enter and submit your tests to collect your points
  • Step2: Look out for the Rider’s Reward notification.
  • Step 3: Respond to the notification by emailing us at:  Or pop us a message on messenger.  Remember to include a screenshot of your points level to claim your reward.
  • Step 4: We will send you your discount code for your free entry and the Rosette will follow in the post.
  • Step 5: Enter your next class and complete the discount code box at checkout to enjoy your free class entry.
  • Step 6: Practice, film and relax and earn more points ready for your next reward.

The Award levels are:

  • Bronze Award: 60 points
  • Silver Award: 130 points
  • Silver Plus Award: 210 points
  • Gold Award: 300 points
  • Gold Plus Award: 420 points
  • Platinum Award: 520 points
  • Platinum Plus Award: 680 points

These are awarded based on the Smart

Points you earn for your Rider entries.

(You can only claim for one level at a time – so if you notice you are on Silver but didn’t claim your Bronze you can’t then claim for the bronze reward only the silver – so you can’t backdate it )