Boys Ride Too Intro July 2024

Boys Ride Too

 Intro Section

This months Test


DA INTRO 2 2021

PC Walk & Trot 2022 

BD Intro A

Open to all ages

With option of lead rein and assisted for junior riders. 

This is part of a PYO Class from Walk to Novice

Class will be split if more than 6 entries at a level

Rosettes 1st to 8th place plus equestrian prize or Gift voucher for Class winner each month

End of League Prize will be a Boys Ride Too Hoody and Huge Rosette and sash plus prize for Reserve Champion.

You need to have competed a minimum of 3 times to qualify for league placings. 

Lots of other leagues and classes to get involved in too - take a peek. 

Get inspired, train from home, compete and have fun


Remember to follow the filming tips.

Keep the phone in landscape

Introduce your test or ask your filmer to do this for you

Tell us your name, horses name, the month, year and Test being ridden.

Don’t forget your gloves, you don’t want to lose points before your start.

Looking forward to seeing all your amazing entries.

Smile & have Fun

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