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May 2023  Online Dressage Leagues & Classes

Entries Close midnight on 30th May

Upload videos by 5pm on 31st May

Results Published 3rd June

Classes from Walk to Medium
Including Any Tack, Charity, Junior, Restricted, Open, Affiliated Riders, Music and Cobs Can Dance classes
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Summer Team League Starts this Month – Would you like to be our Summer 2023 Team Champions?

To Enter Team League click here

So grab your buddies – teams can be from 2 to 4 members  – any age, any class any levels including Music,  Charity, Fun & Anything Goes classes. Team scores are based on average of the team members each month so you are not disadvantaged if only 2 in a team or a member can’t enter one month. 


So what are you waiting for … its a great way to support each other and have some fun whilst 

“Popping with Poles”

Follow the link for more information


Choose to ride DA Walk 1B, DA Intro 1 or DA Prelim 2

Simply choose your level, check the diagram for the position of the poles. Place your poles and you’re all set. 

Have Fun!


Rider Rewards are Back!!

Enter your chosen Rider Reward Category (highest score) for only £3 to be in with a chance of becoming one of our Rider Rewards League Champions for 2023.  Simply enter and submit your class video from one of your other entries.  You can enter as many as you wish providing you fit into the category. 

Choose from – 

  • Grassroots Walk & Intro
  • Grassroots Prelim & Novice
  • Cobs & Coblets Can Dance
  • Best Veteran Horse (aged 15 & over)
  • Best young Horse (aged 4 to 6 years)
  • Racehorse to Dressage Horse

Click here to enter Rider Rewards

League Classes May 2023

D-stressage Junior League For riders aged under 16.

We’ve changed the format to sections for each level to form one class. Levels will be split if 6 Or more entries at a level.  You can still enter more than one level if you wish to on the same horse,

  • Jnr Walk: DA Walk Test 1B 2022 – ridden/ lead rein/ assisted 
  • Jnr Intro: DA Intro 2 / BD Intro A
  • Jnr Prelim: DA Prelim 2 / BD Prelim 1
  • Jnr Novice: DA Novice 1 2021 / BD Novice 27


Restricted Leagues

  • Rest Intro: DA Intro 2 / BD Intro C
  • Rest Prelim: DA Prelim 2 / BD Prelim 14
  • Rest Novice: DA Novice 1/ BD Novice 30

Open Leagues

  • Open Intro: DA Intro 3 / BD Intro C
  • Open Prelim: DA Prelim 1 /BD Prelim 18
  • Open Novice: DA Novice 2 / BD Novice 34
  • Open Elementary: DA Elem 2 / BD Elem 49



Affiliated League for Affiliated Horse & Rider combinations from the Uk and abroad. From Prelim to Advanced Medium. 

Open to Junior & senior riders. Allowing you to enter at the same level as you compete at with your Affiliated provider such as British Dressage .  With choice of short arena (SA) or long arena (LA) test in each section.

The format for this League is divided into sections to allow you to enter more than one level.  All levels will be judged as one class, except where there are 6 or more entries at one level then the levels will be judged as a separate class. 

  • Affiliated Prelim:BD Prelim 18 (SA) / BD Prelim 17A (LA)
    Affiliated Novice:
    BD Novice 34 (SA) / BD Novice 23 (revised collective marks 2016)(LA)
  • Affiliated Elementary: BD Elem 49 (SA) / BD Elem 43 (LA)
  • Affiliated Medium: BD Medium 61 (LA) / BD Medium 63 (SA)
  • Affiliated Advanced Medium: BD Adv. Med 91 (LA) / BD Adv. Med 93 (SA)

Cobs Can Dance Leagues

Individual leagues for Intro, Prelim and Novice with a combined league for Elementary, Medium and Advanced Medium

Levels in this league will be split if 6 or more entries at a level. You can still enter more than one level if you wish to on the same horse,

  • Cobs Can Dance Intro: BD Intro B / DA Intro 1
  • Cobs Can Dance Prelim: BD Prelim 2 / DA Prelim 3
  • Cobs Can Dance Novice: BD Novice 30 / DA Novice 2 2021
  • Cobs Can Dance Elementary: BD Elem 49 / DA Elem 2
  • Cobs Can Dance Medium – BD Med 63 / DA Med 1
  • Cobs Can Dance Advanced Medium – BD Adv Med 91 (LA) or 93 (SA)

Freestyle to Music Leagues

PYO from Walk only to Medium. Can be ridden or in-hand!



Walk with Me League

  • Walk with Me – Ridden: DA Walk Test 1A 2022
  • Any Tack Walk with Me – Ridden: DA Walk Test 1A 2022
  • Walk with Me InHand  –  InHand/ Long Line  DA Walk Test 1A 2022

Anything Goes League  – Any Tack / Smaller arena


The Hobby Horse Challenge!


 Choose your Test: DA Walk 1B, DA Intro 2 or DA Prelim 2 Test

You’ll need a Hobby Horse or Home Made Improvised Decorated Broom will do!

 Begin your test as normal riding your Horse then swap to your Hobby Horse at the marked movement to complete your test. Remember to ensure you demonstrate all the correct paces and scales of training through out !

In Hand / Long Rein / Lead rein / Assistance/ Any Tack / Smaller arena allowed 

Great Fun and for an amazing cause.