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November 2022  Online Dressage Leagues & Classes

November Entries Open on 26th October 


Entries Close midnight on 29th November
Upload videos by 5pm on 30th November 

Results Published on 3rd December


Classes from Walk to Medium including Any Tack, Charity, Junior, Restricted, Open, Elite, Music and Cobs Can Dance.
As well as our highest score Rider Rewards Leagues for £2 enter a section to earn yourself league points and a cute rosette by simply entering the same video from one of your main classes for the rider rewards of your choice.  Fab end of League prizes. Sections include Young horse to veteran. Racehorse, Coloured, Cob as well as Intro, Prelim and Novice rider sections. 


Anything Goes League

Any Tack Allowed

Smaller Arena – No Problem!

Bare Back? – Why Not!

As Always Gorgeous Rosettes for placings 1st to 8th place

With fabulous prizes for each class winner 

From gift vouchers for Le Mieux or R&R Country to gorgeous Dressage Addict Branded clothing and accessories.

League Classes November 2022

We would love to see more Junior Riders  – let us know if you have any suggestions to encourage our young riders to join in and D-stressage!

D-stressage Junior Leagues For riders aged under 16.

  • Jnr Walk: DA Walk Test 1A 2022 – ridden/ lead rein/ assisted (this is included in the Jnr Intro League)
  • Jnr Intro:  DA INTRO 2 2021 /   BD INTRO B
  • Jnr Prelim: DA PRE 2 2021 / BD PRELIM 12
  • Jnr Novice:  DA NOV 1 2021 / BD NOV 27

Rest Intro Leagues

  • Rest Intro: DA INTRO 3 2021/ BD INTRO B
  • Rest Prelim: DA PRE 3 2021 /   BD PRELIM 1
  • Rest Novice: DA NOV 1 2021 / BD NOV 27

Open Intro Leagues

  • Open Intro: DA INTRO 2 2021/ BD INTRO A
  • Open Prelim: DA PRE 1 2021 / BD PRELIM 2
  • Open Novice: DA NOV 1 2021  / BD NOV 27
  • Open Elementary: BD ELEM 44 /  DA ELEM 2 2021

Elite Leaguesfor BD Affiliated Horse & Rider combinations open to Junior & senior riders. Allowing you to enter at the same level as you compete at with British Dressage.  With choice of short arena (SA) or long arena (LA) test in each class.

  • Elite Prelim: BD PRE 12 (SA) / BD PRE 19 (LA) 
    Elite Novice:
    BD NOV 30 (SA) / BD NOV (37A)
  • Elite Elementary: BD ELEM 44 (SA) / BD ELEM 45 (LA)
  • Elite Medium: BD MED 69 (LA) or BD MED 63 (SA)

Cobs Can Dance Leagues

  • Cobs Can Dance Intro: BD Intro C or DA Intro 1 2021
  • Cobs Can Dance Prelim: BD Prelim 1 / DA Prelim 2 2021
  • Cobs Can Dance Novice: BD Nov 30 /  DA Nov 1 2021
  • Cobs Can Dance Elementary:  BD Elem 49 / DA Elem 1 2021
  • Cobs Can Dance Medium – BD Med 63 (SA) or DA Med 1 2021

Freestyle to Music Leagues

  • Intro / Prelim FS to Music
  • Novice / Elementary FS to Music

Walk with Me League

  • Walk with Me – inhand/ long line or ridden: DA Walk Test 1A 2022
  • Walk with Me Any Tack –  inhand/ long line or ridden: DA Walk Test 1A 2022

Anything Goes League – Any Tack / Smaller arena

CHARITY / FUN CLASS in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity: (Any tack Allowed)

                                                   Bareback or No Stirrups

                        Choose your Test either DA INTRO 2 2021 or BD Intro C

Any Tack / Smaller arena allowed 

Great Fun and for an amazing cause.