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February 2022 Classes Online Dressage Leagues & Classes

Entries Close midnight on 27th February.  Upload videos by 5pm on 28th February.

D-stressage Junior Leagues For riders aged under 16.

  • Jnr Intro:  DA INTRO 2/BD INTRO B
  • Jnr Prelim: DA PRE 1/ PRELIM 12
  • Jnr Novice:  DA NOV 2/ BD NOV 28

Rehab Intro League: for those horse & rider combinations where the horse may have been injured is rehabbing and can no longer complete at same level as previously (Walk test to be added which can be inland/ ridden)

  • Intro Level: DA INTRO 2 /BD Intro B

Rest Intro Leagues

  • Rest Intro: DA INTRO 2/ BD INTRO A
  • Rest Prelim: DA PRE 2/ BD Prelim 1
  • Rest Novice: DA NOV 1/ BD Nov 28
  • Rest Elementary: DA ELE 2/ BD Elem 44

Open Intro Leagues

  • Open Intro: DA INTRO 3/ BD Intro A
  • Open Prelim: DA PRE 2 /BD Prelim 14
  • Open Novice: DA NOV 2/ BD Nov 34
  • Open Elementary: BD Elem 44 / DA Elem 2

Elite Leaguesfor BD Affiliated Horse & Rider combinations open to Junior & senior riders. Allowing you to enter at the same level as you compete at with British Dressage.  With choice of short arena (SA) or long arena (LA) test in each class.

  • Elite Prelim: BD Prelim 14 SA / BD Prelim 19 LA
  • Elite Novice: BD NOV 34 SA / BD NOV 37A
  • Elite Elementary: BD ELEM 44 SA / BD ELEM 45 LA
  • Elite Medium: BD Med 69 LA or BD 71 SA

Cobs Can Dance Leagues

  • Cobs Can Dance Intro: BD Intro C or DA Intro 3
  • Cobs Can Dance Prelim: BD Prelim 18 / DA PRELIM 1
  • Cobs Can Dance Novice: BD Nov 34/ DA Nov 1
  • Cobs Can Dance Elementary:  BD Ele 44/ DA Elem 1
  • Cobs Can Dance Medium – BD Med 71 (SA) or DA Med 1

Freestyle to Music Leagues

  • Intro FS to Music
  • Prelim FS to Music
  • Novice FS to Music
  • Elementary FS to Music
  • Medium FS to Music – if interested will add please message.


Winter Team League 

Team Work Makes the Dream Work….. One Month left!!

Remember at least 2 riders out of your 4 need to enter.  Scores are based on average of riders scores so not disadvantaged if only 2 or 3 riders in the team can enter. Looking forward to crowning the winning team!