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Inclusive Dressage 2024

Inclusive Dressage League

Do you have a visible or hidden disability, or would you welcome a little extra support to help boost your confidence? Do you require assistance such as a helper in the arena, additional guidance, special aids? This is a great way to be part of our community with your own team of supporters cheering you on. A great way to compete from home on a level playing field.

Can be Inhand, ridden or driven.

Riders with disabilities are also welcome to enter any of our other classes , just let us know so we can give you appropriate dispensation.

This is a PYO Walk to Prelim. Where there are more than 8 entries in a level and 15 across the Class the class will be split by levels providing minimum of 8 in a level.

To qualify for final league placings you need to enter 3 out of the 6 months 

We want you to enjoy your horse or pony and your dressage journey.

Train, film, relax and D-stressage with us.