Team League Summer 2024

Online Dressage Team League
Summer 2024
From April  2024 to September 2024

Would you and your buddies like to challenge yourselves? Would you enjoy training & competing to become 

Summer 2024 Team Champions 

 Team scores are based on average score of team entries for the month. 

Teams need to be a minimum of 2 & up to a max of 4 riders and horses. Your team can be a mix of all levels, all ages & classes Including Charity,Fun, Any Tack, Walk and InHand classes 

There is a monthly fee of £6 per rider to enter plus your normal class entry.

To qualify for final league placings each team member must enter a minimum of 3 months out of the 6 months.

Amazing Prizes for the Winning Team plus runner up prizes for Reserve Champions. 

1st place prize:
Amazing Prizes for the Winning Team plus runner up prizes for Reserve Champions. Placings 1 to 8 th place
League events

    Team League April 24

    Available until 29/04/2024
Team League Summer 2024 Table
Team Team League April 24 Total
A Chocolate Eaton Mess 0 0
Emillie Long Equitatio's Perfect Prince
Emillie Long Space Bound
Ellie Castelluccio Longwood foxy pearl
Crazy for Carrots 0 0
Madeleine Wilson Fergus
Krys As you Wish Princess Buttercup
Theresa Emery Rudi
Barmie Barnley!!! 0 0
Jade Hatfield Cwmmawr Cosmos
Karen Norman Samaaron Rosie
50 Shades of Neigh #2 0 0
Jay Patterson Serendipity
Debbie Hazelwood Black Minstrel
Sarah Flicka
Damsels in D-stressage 0 0
Amy McGarvey Chamonix Rough Diamond
Neds Top Nellies 0 0
CCB Lulu