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League information


This online dressage league is for everyone.

Enjoy your horse or pony and your dressage journey and take the stress out of competing.

Levels from Intro to Advanced Medium.

Classes from Restricted to Elite.

Junior League for under 16’s.  Classes are run as Open & Elite Classes

Junior League will begin with levels from Intro to Elementary initially and higher levels added if there’s sufficient need.

The Elite section is for you if you are affiliated to British Dressage with points.  This allows you to compete at the same level as when competing at an Affiliated British Dressage Event.

Our Aim is to provide a level playing field for all our riders.

Rehab League

This is the online dressage league for you if your horse has been injured and is no longer able to compete at the same level they previously did, due to injury.

For Example: If you and your dancing partner were previously competing at Novice and have since had a hiccup and can’t quite manage that level any more then its fine to enter a lower level in this league.

Maybe your lovely neddy loves to dazzle against the whiteboards but can’t manage canter anymore? Then this is the league for you  – have a ball enter the level that is right for your horse and enjoy the challenge, and rewards of competing again. Work your way back up at your own pace – no pressure.

We hope this league helps to provide a level playing field for all our riders.

This will be run as an Open League with levels from Intro to Novice initially and sub-levels coming soon.



Cobs Can Dance – Coming Soon!

If your Horse or Pony is a Cob or Coblet, then enter classes in our Cobs Can Dance Online Dressage League.

Be part of the revolution and realisation that Cobs certainly can dance.

Classes will be run as Open classes.

Levels from Intro to Elementary to begin with

Junior League for under 16’s


Vintage Veterans – Coming Soon!

If you have a golden oldie who likes to strut their stuff, or you’re starting out and your partner in crime is in their senior years, then this online dressage league will be just the ticket.

For Horse & Rider combinations where the horse or pony is aged 15 & over.

Our Vintage Veterans League is run as an Open League

Classes from Intro to Advanced Medium.



Retraining of Racehorses (ROR) League – Coming Soon

Supporting The British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre (BTRC)

This is the league for you if you have an ex-racehorse.

Are they a loveable character who isn’t quite sure if they want to swap their running hooves for ballroom hooves?

Or a dressage diva in disguise waiting to dazzle against the whiteboards?

Share your journey with us, with levels from Intro to Advanced Medium and classes for restricted and open.

A donation is made for each entry to The BTRC



Anything Goes League – Coming Soon

This is the league for you if you’re a bit of a rebel or like to stand out from the crowd.  Any tack is acceptable, no need to follow British Dressage rules on tack, no worrying about changing that bit lovely Neddy likes and goes well into something different.  Literally anything goes….

Bareback absolutely, bitless no problem, western why not!

Levels starting at Intro through to Elementary.

Run as Open classes.




1st Steps to Dressage – Coming Soon

This is our online dressage league for tiny tots and juniors just starting out.

Specially designed tests to encourage the young rider and develop their riding skills.

Written by our youngest member of the Dressage Addict team who wants to help fellow tiny tots and junior riders with their 1st Steps.

Watch this space for more information coming soon.