Race Horse to Dressage Horse March 24

Race Horse to Dressage Horse Rider Rewards

Want to earn some treats and show how special your Racehorse whose putting his hooves to Dressage is?

Earn League points each month based on the score from your class entry at any level.

 To create unique Rider Reward League for Racehorse to Dressage Horse Riders

Rosettes 1st to 8th Place 

Main Fabulous League Prize including Champion Sash and Huge Rosette at end of the League

How to Enter:

Submit the same video for the Rider Rewards League entry that you submit for another class you have entered.  

For Example: You have entered the D-Stressage Restricted Prelim

Film your test once and submit for both the Restricted Prelim Class and your Rider Reward League Entry for the month.

Looking forward to seeing all your amazing entries.

 Smile & have Fun 

Sorry, this event is not available at the moment.