Dressage for a Cure Rider Reward Charity Class July

Dressage for a Cure Rider Reward Charity Class 
In support of 
Highest Score Rider Reward

Would you like to make a difference and do something for a good cause, whilst doing what you love? We have organised this exciting event in support of The Bone Cancer Research Trust 

To bring you our Dressage for a Cure Rider Rewards Highest Score Class

⭐️Our Young Brand Ambassador Dylan Ward has been through treatment for Bone Cancer and is a huge inspiration with his drive and determination to keep riding throughout his treatment.   Always a smile Dylan lets nothing hold him back.⭐️

So join us & to help make a difference by getting involved and supporting this amazing charity to help save more lives and improve treatments for Bone Cancer 

This is Charity League will run for 6 months from June to the end of November

For every entry we will donate £4 to the Bone Cancer Research Trust 

Simply enter any of our main classes and then add this as an extra class.

Rosettes 1st to 8th Place each month. 

End of League Champion & Reserve Champion will receive a Sash and Huge Rosette plus placings to 8th place 

How to Enter:

 Submit the same video for the Rider Rewards League entry that you submit for another class you have entered.  

For Example: You have entered the D-Stressage Restricted Prelim

Film your test once and submit for both the Restricted Prelim Class and your Rider Reward League Entry for the month.

Looking forward to seeing all your amazing entries.

Smile & have Fun

Open to all Riders in all classes 
Including ridden, driven or in-hand including long reining 
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