December 2021 Team Entry

December 2021 Team Entry

Teams can be made up of between 2 - 4 Riders
A mix of Ages, Levels & Class types including Fun and Charity Classes.

Team scores are based on the average of the scores entered as part of your team entry each month.

This means that if only 2 of you manage to enter one month you are not at a disadvantage.

The only requirement is that at least 2 entries need to be submitted.  

How to Enter:

(If entering for the first time in the Team League one of the team will need to create the Team so it is in drop down box)

Simply select the correct Team and enter your Horse and Rider.

Submit the same video for the Team entry that you submit for your other class at the level you wish to compete at. 

For Example: You have entered the Cobs Can Dance - Novice 

Film your test once and submit for both the Cobs Can Dance Class and your Team Entry for the month.

When submitting your Team Test Video remember to state clearly on the video Your Name, your Horses Name,  the Level, the Test and the Month.

Looking forward to seeing all your amazing entries.

? Smile & have Fun ? 

Sorry, this event is not available at the moment.