Hacking Addict Challenge  November 2022

Congratulations to all our amazing Riders on your results

Great to See Riders enjoying our New Hacking Addict Challenge –

Wow Michelle 111miles in November !

Lets see if we can encourage more riders to join in. Lets blow those cobwebs away together. 

Any Juniors out there? 

 We are looking forward to watching your adventures, don’t forget to share your pictures and videos on the group page.   

Keep Hacking and Trotting up those miles!

Hacking Addict Challenge Nov 2022
1st Michelle Brindle Wanstead dark side of the moon 111.1
2nd Rebecca James Carousel Queen 76
3rd Kirsty Charlie 69
4th Kirsten Groener Sabine 54.68
5th Georgina Harris Kallista Bay 41.87
6th Hayley Jubb Just Archie II 39
7th Kate Gillett Prince Romeo 31.5
8th Claudia Lewis Fear Lily 14.7