Rider To Rider Dressage Mentor
We are absolutely delighted to introduce Amelia Ward as our Rider to Rider Mentor
Heres a little more about Amelia.


I thought it would be best to start by introducing myself and then tell you a little bit about what I am here for and the ideas Joely and I have had. We would then love to have your feedback, things you would be interested in, topics for tips and tricks etc.

You Tube Link  – Meet Amelia:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJiaJSgaR4w

I am Amelia, I am 23 and I am based down in the South East of England.

I am currently studying a Masters in animal nutrition so I can go on to be an equine nutritionist.  

I am extremely lucky to have a team of 5 ponies (well one is a small horse at 15.2) who all live at home on the yard that I ran from the age of 17 to 21. During that time, I had schooling liveries and rode on a freelance basis so have ridden just about every type of horse/pony with nearly every quirk on the planet, so chances are if you are having a problem I can sympathise! I have evented up to CCI**, (3-day international eventing classes at 1.15m) show jumped up to 1.10 and shown successfully at unaffiliated level.

Dressage wise I have competed up to medium and have trained horses up to PSG level.

I also have experience breaking in and starting young horses as well as managing the veterans on the other end of the scale.

I have three veterans in my string (oldest is Freddy who competes with Dressage Addict now at 27).

I like to train all my horses as classically and naturally as possible. I prefer to try not to use gadgets or quick fixes but do understand that most methods have a place and am non-judgemental and happy to work however you like to work with your horse.

Although I love being competitive and am always striving to be better the most important part of horses for me is loving them and really enjoying my time with them.

My role within Dressage Addict is to act as a support system for the riders, a friendly mentor who is happy to answer questions and offer you support to help you on your dressage journey with us.  

There will be regular posts with training tips, exercises, test riding tips and anything else you would like to see.

I will be available to contact with any questions you may have or as a sounding board for training/test riding ideas.

There is also the opportunity to have your tests previewed for advice on improvements before submitting to a judge.

I am open to any ideas you may have on ways to enhance your online dressage experience with Dressage Addict and ensure you do D-stressage.

I cannot wait to get started and hear all your ideas.

Thanks Amelia x