BRITISH DRESSAGE APPROVED ONLINE PROVIDER! Dressage Revolution Join the Online Dressage Revolution & D-stressage - Welcome to our family of Dressage Addicts, where you’ll find one test leads to another. Smart Results Ensuring you receive your BD listed Judge’s Feedback, scores & placings all on Results Day. D-Stressage Enjoy your horse, no pressure, no travel, no warm-up ring traumas. Simply, train, film, relax & repeat. Friendly Community Compete from the comfort of home with like-minded riders from all over the UK & Europe. Level Playing Field Levels that truly reflect the experience and capability of the Horse & Rider combination. That's our Level Playing Field Promise to you. Rider Rewards Our Smart points ensure you are rewarded for your efforts with Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Awards. Plus, our special Tiny Tots awards.

Online Dressage Entries Close on 3rd March Upload videos by 5pm on 4th March SMART Results Day 7th March

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Online Dressage

Join The Online Dressage Revolution. Simply Enter, Film, Upload & Relax.

Join The Online Dressage Revolution and compete from home with a British Dressage approved provider. Open to riders from all over the world.
Friendly constructive feedback from our panel of BD Listed Judges.
Smart Results ensuring you have instant access to you scoresheet on Results Day. Rider Rewards Loyalty scheme earn points for free entries. Placings 1st to 8th in each class with gorgeous rosettes and amazing equestrian prizes.
Classes include: Juniors, Any Tack, In-hand, Walk, Cobs Can Dance, Freestyle to Music & our League for BD affiliated dressage riders. Be inspired and D-stressage with us.

About Us

Having discovered a love for Dressage, we wanted to create a place to compete in online dressage. Were you can nurture your partnership with your horse by taking the stress out of training and competing in Dressage events with a variety of classes and leagues. With our friendly British Dressage Listed Judges to provide helpful feedback along the way. Levels from Walk to Adv Medium, including In-hand, Any Tack, Charity, Junior, Restricted & Open Leagues . Plus our League for affiliated British Dressage Riders. Our every popular Cobs Can Dance & for those that like to dance down the centre line our Freestyle to Music Dressage Leagues. There is definitely something for every rider. We truly want you to D-stressage. Give yourself time to build confidence, focus and take away the pressure. Helping you to remember why you originally fell in love with horses and riding . Join us in the Online Dressage Revolution, enjoy your horse and your journey together & D-stressage in what we believe are the best value online dressage competitions. We would love to welcome you to our lovely family at Dressage Addict, where we think you’ll find one dressage test leads to another.
We look forward to following your journey.

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